Gears of War 5 Rumor Confirmed

The story of Gears of War continues

Gears of War 5 Rumor Confirmed

A continuation from Three New Gears of War Games Being Announced at E3?It does seem like it as we are getting Gears of War 5 also dubbed Gears 5.

Rejoice Gears Fans!

It has been confirmed that the next chapter of Gears of War will be released in 2019. This time with a female lead. At the end of game 4 we were left with a cliff hanger. The story leaving us with the knowledge that Kait, is the granddaughter of Queen Myrrah. Now it comes down to Kait finding her way back to where it all started.

Now the question is, will this live up to the hyper of Gears 4?

From the dialogue presented in the trailer, we can assume that there is a fear that Kait will turn unwillingly against her fellow humans. Others are speculating that Adam Fenix and Myrrah were very close, hinting to the mingling of Locust and human. I don’t think many want a visual of that but hey its a theory. Hopefully with more time and trailer releases we will be able to get more sneak peaks into the story line.

From the perspective of a long time Gears fan, i’m hoping that this lives up to the expectations of those who have followed the franchise to this point. And due to Gears 4 being available to PC gamers we can suspect that this edition will be released to PC as well.

Gears of War 5

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