Watch: Fallout 76 Gameplay Features

Fallout 76 flies in the face of the traditional Fallout canon, where fans of the Fallout series will see some similarities between Fallout 76 and the other games.

The new addition to the franchise will not be a single-player game, where one plays offline. Rather, it will be a multiplayer RPG bringing people together to traverse the wasteland.

Fans will delight in the art styles that they have come to know and love from Fallout 4, where Bethesda is calling Fallout 76 a “software survival” game.

In this survival game, the death of a character does not mean losing their character or the progress in which they have made throughout the game. Fallout 76 will be played on the Bethesda servers, where each of these servers can support about 12 players at a time. You can join forces with other players whenever you want, and when you are playing you can take whatever progress you’ve made in the game with you.

Like Fallout 4, there is build-able abilities in Fallout 76, where you can construct homes and bases, sharing your creativity with others. Be warned though, it can be destroyed.

We’ll keep you posted on any new Fallout 76 news throughout E3!

Source – Kotaku

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