Fortnite Voice Chat Coming to the Switch

Fortnite Voice Chat Coming to the Switch

Now that Fortnite has been officially announced on the Nintendo Switch and is readily available, fans are flocking to learn about what can be done with the Switch and Fortnite. One cool thing we learned from the release is that Fortnite is that it will have a full voice chat on the Switch using the headphone jack.

This update for the voice chat unfortunately won’t go through today on launch, but will on Thursday June 14th. With games like this which are primarily played as a battle royale survival mode, it’s important for groups and individuals to communicate with one another and provide feedback, knowledge, and skills on how to take down their enemies.

Other games on the Switch like Splatoon, do not have this type of voice chat enabled although they are competitive and provide a gameplay with friends similar to that of Fortnite.

For Fortnite this is certainly good news, and has been readily received by both the Fortnite community and the Nintendo Switch community.

Source – Kotaku

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