Watch: Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World Crossover Trailer

Square Enix has released a teaser trailer for a crossover with Final Fantasy XIV Online and Monster Hunter World during their showcase at the E3 conference earlier this week.

The world of Final Fantasy is chock full of potions, magical spells, and mythical creatures, and while the world has been around for ages and is well-loved, Monster Hunter will be coming soon and shaking it all up.

Fans will be excited to see this crossover as it is new and exciting for both franchises. Meanwhile, Monster Hunter is a game based on exactly what it sounds like, where adventurers go around capturing dangerous monsters.

As of right now there are not many details, and we are not sure if the Final Fantasy characters and elements will be crossing into the world of Monster Hunter, or if the characters from Monster Hunter will be making a new home for themselves in the world of Final Fantasy.

We’ll keep you informed as new details for this franchise crossover occur.

Source – EuroGamer

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