Captain Spirit, A Life is Strange Free Setting?

Dontnod introduces the new Captain Spirit while they update their tech in preparation for Life is Strange 2,  and the best part: It’s free!

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit takes place in Beaver Creek, Oregon; keeping the Life is Strange series in the Pacific Northwest though practically everything else has changed.

Chris, the secret identity of Captain Spirit, is a 10-year-old boy with an impressive imagination. Raised by a single father, who is hinted to have an alcohol problem, and having no friends, it is no wonder Chris creates his own form of entertainment. From creating his own super hero costume to fighting terrifying imaginary monsters and supervillians, players will have a part in the best parts of Chris’ life.

Chris, however, is not the only change for the new addition. With new dialog mechanics, like speaking when moving, and inclusive quest systems the game play feels completely different. However, the most noticeable change may be the upgrade from Unreal Engine 3, which Life is Strange was built-in, to Unreal Engine 4 which is what Life is Strange 2 will use.

Regardless of its new tech and mechanics The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit feels like home with the same art style, character design, and music that the Life is Strange players have grown to love.

Source – Variety, Life is Strange

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