Octopath Traveler, New RPG from Square Enix!

Nintendo announced a new RPG coming to the Switch on July 13. With eight distinct characters to play, Square Enix has provided yet another great addition to their every expanding library.

While it is not surprising that the company that has brought us so many great RPGs (Kingdom HeartsFinal Fantasy, and Dragon Quest) is making yet another, this time for the Nintendo Switch, the new game is sure to be a hit!

Octopath Traveler will allow its players to choose between eight new travelers, each with their own distinct story. These characters are akin to the 7 characters in Diablo II, all of which are listed at https://www.yesgamers.com/info/diablo-2-horadric-cube-recipes/. The choice will affect where your adventure ends, along with abilities and back story.

The eight new characters consist of:

  • Primrose Azelhart – A highborn daughter of the once-proud House Azelhart, disguised as a dancer from Sunshade, seeking vengeance for her father who was taken from her by three men bearing the mark of the crow.
  • H’aanit – A female hunter who calls the forest her home, along with her tribe who lives in communion with animals and other beasts. After her master set out a year prior in search of a mythical beast she has taken responsibility for the care of her people… until a man informs her of his master…
  • Alfyn Greengrass – Saved by a traveling apothecary when he was just a boy, Alfyn Greengrass was inspired to follow in his savior’s footsteps, though he hadn’t quite begun his journey… that is until a certain friend confides in him…
  • Cyrus – Not much is know of this mysterious scholar from the Flatlands, besides search for a lost tome full of ancient mysteries and his ability to study his enemy.
  • Therion – A thief with an unknown past, whose skills are that of legend. Aristocrats tremble at the rumors that pin him as a ghost even as he swipes the jewels from their rings. Though, one fateful night as he slips into yet another mansion, everything will change…
  • Ophilia Clement – On her pilgrimage to restore light to the realm, this cleric of the Order of the Sacred Flame from the Frostland Region is not to be trifled with.
  • Olberic Eisenberg – Once a brave knight, this warrior lost both king and kingdom in a bloody coup. He now serves as a master-of-arms in a small mountain village with no real purpose and new rest in sight. At least, until a familiar name is brings up ghosts from the past…
  • Tressa Colozone – As daughter of a merchant, in the city of Coastland Region, Tressa was one prone to daydreams; though her thirst for adventure seemed an impossibility, at least until a certain ship arrived at port….

The game is a strategic turn-based combat with a layered battle system just as many of Square Enix’s games have been before. Though, the combat is not the only thing the company has looked into the past for. According to the game’s official websiteOctopath Traveler’s music and visuals were inspired by retro RPGs and for those of us who are familiar with games like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. its an influence is obvious.

Source – Nintendo, Octopath Traveler Wiki

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