Quake Champions Free Trial

Quake Champions Free Trial

Bethesda announced at E3 this week an opportunity of a gamer’s lifetime. For a limited time, players can enjoy a week of Quake Champions. The trial started June 10th and is expected to end June 17th, so you better rush to sign up for Early Access, and keep the game for free afterward.

While not a first-person shooter like many of Quake’s previous titles, it offers something just as fun, arena play. So, if you love arena battles, then Quake Champions is the hot title for you. Per Bethesda, the Free-to-Play version will contain all of the game modes and maps that are currently available. It doesn’t, however, contain the Champions Pack which gives players all current and future champions and add-ins. But never fear, if you must have those Champion goodies, Bethesda will be offering a discount on the add-on pack.

If you’re a bit new to Quake Championship, Bethesda offers a nice beginner’s guide to get you up to speed. Here, they offer several videos illustrating those necessary skills and information to help you be a successful arena player.

So, are you ready to see some flying gibs? Is it time to polish up your super nailgun? You can either download the game via Bethesda.net Launcher or Steam.

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