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Lucifer Season 4 Coming to Netflix!

Lucifer Season 4 Coming to Netflix!

FOX announced Lucifer‘s cancellation in May and fan’s were beyond distraught immediately turning to social media and beginning the #SaveLucifer movement. Now, their prayers (oh, the irony!) have been answered!

After three seasons of FOX, Lucifer was canceled mostly due to mid-ratings, or so did FOX executives made us believe. Though, perhaps the margin for error was a bit off in these statistics. Immediately after the announcement, fans went to work! Using tags, tweets and shares #SaveLucifer quickly became one of the most popular topics on Twitter, Facebook and even Tumblr. Whether it was a deal with the Devil himself, or a few good words with ‘the man upstairs’, it seems that the fans’ prayers have been answered!

This morning the news was announced that Netflix has picked up the previously canceled season four of Lucifer; bringing back the sexy demonic King of Hell to any streaming device! While it was rumored that Amazon had made a play for the show as well, Netflix beat its competitor and rushed the presses.

Regardless of the streaming service, fans can breathe a shout in triumph and breathe a sigh of relief because the Devil has risen once more.

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