Money In The Bank 2018 – Where’s My Money?

Money In The Bank 2018 – Where’s My Money?

It was finally the time for us to see the Money In The Bank pay per view of the year, an event where we got to see a lot of fights, taking up a lot of time, with a lot of ladders. Let’s check what happened during this event.

Daniel Bryan vs Big Cass

The first match of the night had the recently-recovered duo of Daniel Bryan and Big Cass going against each other. It was clear during the match that both of them had been concentrating on increasing flexibility during their training as their agility was quite remarkable. Since the beginning, the crowd let us know who they were rooting for with their “YES! YES! YES!” chants.

Cass came in really confident, and he handled the times of the match really well, with Bryan only being able to counter every once in a while, always being supported by the entire coliseum. Of course, there was an Achilles’ Talon for Cass: his left knee, and Bryan was going to use that against him. At this point, Bryan starts getting momentum and gets the upper hand on Cass by even throwing himself from the top rope of the corner to Big Cass who was outside of the ring.

Unfortunately for Big Cass, Daniel Bryan was finally able to lock his submission, making him tap out and lose this match.

We get a segment with The New Day and Kevin Owens, where the longest reigning Tag Team Champions are still trying to decide who will be at the Money in the Bank ladder match, and Kevin Owens gets in there with some pancakes. The usual odd segment we get in PPVs.

Sami Zayn vs Bobby Lashley

This match is happening, pretty much, because WWE creatives have no idea about what to do with The Walking Armageddon, Bobby Lashley. This has been an absurd feud, with just so much stupidity that I can’t wait for it to be over, hopefully, with Lashley destroying Zayn.

The match started the way we would’ve expected: with Sami running around, trying to get Lashley to make a mistake. Remember that Kevin Owens vs Goldberg match for the Universal Championship? Same thing.

This match makes no sense. Lashley is a beast, and he starts by getting handled easily by Sami. A simple punch to Lashley’s back takes him down. That’s just not believable at all. Finally, Lashley starts attacking Sami, this is what we can believe, he can destroy his competition. Why is he not in any Championship match?

In the end, Lashley hits a Flag Suplex on Sami and covers him with just one hand to his chest to get the pin. Useless match, really.


Intercontinental Championship – Seth Rollins vs Elias

We get another segment, this time, a musical one with Elias. Love him or hate him, dude knows how to handle the crowd, and he can play the guitar for sure. The crowd is actually listening to him, but he decides to stop playing. Seth makes his entrance to start the match.

We have to admit that, when it comes to RAW (and even maybe, SmackDown Live), Seth Rollins is the best wrestler, bringing the Intercontinental Championship up the ranks -mostly knowing how the Universal Championship has been useless for the past 2 years- as he keeps an Open Challenge for the belt, defending it pretty much every single week against whoever is up for the challenge.

Seth starts by attacking Elias and handling for a bit; however, Elias is able to counter by causing Seth to hit his neck on the apron. Remember, Seth has been attacked by Elias the last couple of weeks, causing him some -possibly- minor injury in the neck area.

We see the first drop of blood in the event when Seth starts bleeding from his mouth.But this doesn’t stop our champion, who takes out all of his arsenal against Elias, just the way a championship belt should be defended. Every single Pay Per View at least.

Rollins seems to have got injured, his right knee might be in troubles after he jumped from the top rope above Elias, and this is something the challenger takes advantage of, almost pinning the champ. Even with this possible injury, Seth is using all of his moves, and the best part of it is that Elias is taking them like a champ, too. Elias goes nuts attacking Rollins outside the ring, against the ringside wall, the corner post and then against the metal steps. Rollins kicked out of the pin at 2 and a half.

In the end, Rollins wins in a rather controversial way, as Elias made a count but Seth held Elias’ pants to get the pin. This feud isn’t over, and I’m glad about it.

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch vs Ember Moon vs Natalya vs Naomi vs Lana vs Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte Flair

This year, unlike last year’s match, involves 8 women, 4 for each brand. All of them wanting both, a contract that they can cash in at any moment in the next 365 days for a championship match opportunity, and the bragging rights for their brands, being able to say their brand brought in the contract. This might well be a new kind of Bragging Rights.

I’m rooting for RAW on this one, given how SmackDown got the very first Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

As soon as the bell rang, all 8 women started the action. They are fearless and reckless this time; however, for some reason, they seem to prefer using their normal attacks against each other rather than giving a different use to the many ladders around the ring. The first one getting hit with a ladder is Sasha Banks, as Ember Moon used a moonsault and got Sasha to fall on top of a ladder, followed by Lana hitting her finisher on the edge of the ladder to get Ember out of the ring, knocked out, but before she was able to set the ladder, Natalya hit her on the ladder too, and defended herself against Naomi. Charlotte is finally the only one in the ring, until Becky appears to fight her best friend.

At this point, there are bodies everywhere, this is war for sure. We start seeing a pseudo team between Naomi and Ember Moon, in order to take Becky Lynch out of the action.

9_WMITBNow we get to what seems to be the culmination of the match, every woman is on top of a ladder, as Lana brought a super big ladder, this might just be what Alexa Bliss needed since she couldn’t reach the briefcase on a regular ladder.

Interestingly enough, Lana seems to be the one closer to winning, but the Naomi gets to the briefcase and couldn’t get it out of the hook, so Beckly Lynch capitalizes on this mistake, but Charlotte goes against her friend, until Alexa takes the ladder down, just to get a spear by Charlotte.

In the end, Becky Lynch got to the briefcase, and couldn’t get it off the hook either, just to get thrown down the ladder by Alexa Bliss, who ended up taking the briefcase. What an amazing match this was!

Match Photos

Now to another segment, this time between both General Managers, Kurt Angle and Paige, who discuss about RAW getting the first briefcase and discussing about the next ladder match, for men. Baron Corbin appears to interrupt, only to get owned by Paige as she tells him that he is just angry because he unsuccessfully cashed in his Money in the Bank contract last year.


Jinder Mahal vs Roman Reigns

This feud is…I don’t even know what adjective to give in here. Basically, Jinder has attacked Roman before, costing him some wins. Roman claims Jinder is the cause of him not being Universal Champion, but being fair, that’s on the referee who decided to give Lesnar the win over him in their Steel Cage match at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

This is just a “random” match. Roman starts by handling the Modern Day Maharaja easily, until Sunil Sighn interferes and pushes Roman against the corner post. After that, Jinder started owning the match.

Usually, it is fun seeing a match where both wrestlers get the upper hand for a while against each other. This match is not one of them. It is not hyped at all, it is not important either. This match, shouldn’t have happened. Even the crowd is chanting about other wrestlers, not about this match, there’s a wave going on in the crowd as well, they couldn’t care less about this match, I’m on the same boat.

Oh! There’s blood in Jinder’s face. This is picking up my interest now. Roman hits the Superman Punch on Sunil and Jinder, hits Sunil with a Spear, the Maharaja receives another Spear and Roman wins. What a surprise…

SmackDown Women’s Championship – Carmella vs Asuka

Carmella starts by showboating quite a bit, this is a rather dangerous strategy, as Asuka stars attacking with all of her usual intensity. Of course, Carmella tries to run away with her belt, but Asuka doesn’t allow her to do so as she attacks the champion from the apron.

The champ locks here “Silence Code” on Asuka, but without locking her feet, which allowed Asuka to escape the lock. Interestingly enough, Carmella is bringing the fight to Asuka, and that’s certainly good to see given how just a few have some hopes on the champ; however, it could certainly hurt if Asuka doesn’t win, as the WWE would be giving the Empress of Tomorrow too many loses recently.

Unlike what everybody would’ve thought, this match is really good, and Carmella is super competitive against the Empress of Tomorrow.

Wait! What the hell is going on. Another person, with Asuka’s mask appears on the apron, and Asuka is completely lost in the match now. This person takes the mask off, it is James Ellsworth! And Carmella hits Asuka with a Super Kick and retains her title! What the hell?!

WWE Championship – AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura

This is certainly the final round in this feud, a Last Man Standing match can’t be used for anything else, right?

Quickly, the match went outside the ring, with both competitors causing as much pain in the other as possible; however, it is too early to have a 10 count, even if they are doing everything to knock their opponent out. They are not using any weapons, though, and I want blood.

Nakamura is dominating the match so far and AJ looks hurt and without air. I’m getting worried about the champ’s form right now. It was just a matter of time before the fight went to the crowd, as they went to fight right where the crowd is, I wouldn’t have expected less from this match.

They are really hurting each other, and we can see the result in AJ’s face. So far, the match has been rather clean, with both wrestlers attacking each other with everything they have, without using external objects or anything.

Nakamura throws AJ to the top of one of the commentators’ tables and ends up hitting the Kinshasa on AJ, but the count ended at 9 as the champ got back up. Nakamura seems to be on the way to win this match, and the championship, but AJ is taking every hit and getting back up. Nakamura takes out a table from under the ring, interestingly enough, AJ is on the mat in the ring but there’s no count going on.

Nakamura gets the table to the ring, and gets AJ to go through it, but again, the count ends at 9. If Nakamura is to win the championship, this is when. Of course,  Nakamura hurts his knee giving AJ the possibility to capitalize on it, going as far as hitting the Calf Crusher and getting Nakamura to tap out, but this match is only won by a 10 count.

AJ hits Nakamura with a chair, and the heel even pledges for some mercy just to hit AJ with a low kick, again, followed by a another Kinshasa, but the count went just up to 9 again. AJ goes and hits the Styles Clash from the metal steps to the floor, Nakamura seems to be done, but he gets up at 9 and a half for some reason. What a match!

The champ hits Nakamura with a low kick as well, and hits a Phenomenal Forearm from the ring to the announce table and gets the 10 count! The champ has retained!

Match Photos

RAW Women’s Championship – Ronda Rousey vs Nia Jax

Is Ronda ready to become a WWE Champion?

The match starts super aggressive with Nia attacking Ronda in the corner, Ronda tries to lock here armbar but Nia picks her up and takes her out of the ring. Nia is now dominating the baddest woman in the world.

Ronda is trying to attack Nia, but there’s nothing she can do right now, or at least that’s what it looks like. Nia is simply killing her in the ring, but Ronda keeps kicking out of every pin attempt, bringing frustration to Nia’s face and attack.

Ronda is going to do anything it takes to win this match, locks the armbar using the ropes and hurts Nia, then goes to the top rope and hits Nia, throws some punches and even hits a side suplex on the champ.

Ronda is ready to lock her submission, but Alexa Bliss appears attacking Ronda with her newly acquired briefcase, and takes her out, along with the RAW Women’s Champion.


RAW Women’s Championship Part 2 – Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax

Alexa cashes in her briefcase and the crowd went completely crazy as she hits Nia with everything she has to become the new RAW Women’s Champion!

Match Photos

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor vs Rusev vs Kevin Owens vs Bobby Roode vs The Miz vs Braun Strowman vs Kofi Kingston

Same as with the women’s match, we have 8 contenders in here, 4 for each brand, and they are all seeking the same thing: to reach the Money in the Bank briefcase to, hopefully, do the same as Alexa Bliss just did, and become the next big champion.

The match starts as we all thought, every wrestler attacking Braun Strowman, but this is able to get them out of the ring. Braun might be the favorite, but it will always take the attack of everyone to just try to keep him out of the battle. This is a 7 on 1 match, and there’s no other way this could’ve been.

At one point there’s only Finn and Kevin Owens in the match, but all their hits look fake, I have not seen such an awful match-up in WWE in a long time, I can’t believe these two can’t sell their punches and moves in this stage, I’m completely disappointed in both of these guys, but luckily, Rusev takes Kevin Owens out, just to be taken out by Samoa Joe, ending up with Kofi taking Joe out. Might Kofi be the one to win this match?

At this point, Braun comes back from under the ladders, but he is taken down by attacks from Samoa Joe, Rusev and Kevin Owens, but Braun is able to counter their attacks, ending up with a knocked out Kevin Owens as he threw him from the top of a super tall ladder through a table.

This is not a match about getting the briefcase, it is about damaging the Monster Among Men, and that’s the best that could’ve happened to this match.

With Braun out, Rusev takes everybody else out, but when he was about to get the briefcase, Miz took the ladder down, and went up the ladder, but, Braun appears again, taking everybody out and finally getting the briefcase. We have Mr. Money in the Bank now!

Match Photos

This is certainly Braun’s year, and this years Money in the Bank was one of the best in recent years. RAW certainly earned the bragging rights as it took home both of the briefcases, with one of them already getting successfully cashed in.

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