BELANKO Glass Water Bottle Review

BELANKO Glass Water Bottle Review

We have a new product review for BELANKO’s glass water bottle, that is a secure environmental friendly way to take water with you on the go!

This BELANKO water bottle not only has a silicone cover (in many colors) for protective anti-cracking, but it also has a bamboo cover the screws on and also has a rope holder. It’s completely BPA free, and has borosilicate glass for anti-shattering. This is a key element that I was extremely excited about, because I definitely worry about a glass bottle breaking when using it.

While it can hold some hot liquids on it, I wouldn’t recommend using it for anything other than room temperature or cold drinks. This is just a safety precaution that I recommend to ensure you don’t break your BELANKO bottle.

This hand-wash only water bottle is definitely more environmentally friendly. and will take less plastic bottles out of the mix when people use these methods.

After using this bottle I think it’s really worth the price. It’s not extremely heavy, and the bamboo top with the rope handle is definitely good for taking it around when you need to leave the house.

You can get your own directly through Amazon or on BELANKO’s website.

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