Details and Release Date for Dying Light 2 Revealed

Details and Release Date for Dying Light 2 Revealed

Dying Light 2 was showcased at the E3 (2018) conference. Since then, more information has been revealed regarding specific aspects of game play.

Dying Light 2 Gaming Details

Instead of the same location as the first game, Dying Light 2 will take place in a European city 15 years after the initial outbreak.The map will be significantly bigger than the map from the first game and will be filled with zombies.

The developer, Techland, calls the story a ‘Narrative Sandbox’. The story will focus on what the player wants from the game, which means multiple endings and stories are possible. Multiple plays of the game can lead to several different outcomes if choices are changed. The world also adapts as the player makes choices and progresses through the game. Some options will only be available if certain choices are made. Linear missions will not be featured in Dying Light 2, instead missions themselves can have multiple outcomes.

The player can learn about weaknesses and secrets in the game that can then be used to change mission outcomes, and therefore the game itself and even how the player interacts with other characters. Outcomes may not always happen instantly and instead will be noticed over time, such as people going to war or moving away. Rules and patterns can be discovered through the game and used to understand what decisions will lead to certain outcomes. Some outcomes and consequences may be changed as the game progresses, but some will remain permanent for the rest of the game.


Dying Light 2 continues the same three major branches from the first game: parkour, day/night cycle, and melee combat. The parkour and melee branch have been revamped with the idea of controlling the character’s body over controlling the individual character. Adaptions will need to be made as the player gain in levels and will have to adapt to the environment rather than having one specific style that works for all environments.

Combat has been revamped in Dying Light 2, since the focus will now be on daytime combat versus night. Human enemies will become more prominent and will require more skill and strategy. Blocking and parrying will become essential. Parkour will also be important when in combat.

Dying Light 2 will be released in 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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