Steam Adds Limits to Achievements

Steam Adds Limits to Achievements

Last year, Valve enacted limitations on Steam trading cards to keep sketchy developers from destabilizing the user-based trading card economy. Now, they’re applying a similar system to game achievements.

Achievement Relocked

In a post made to Steam’s private developer-focused Steamworks group, Valve announced the implementation of a “confidence metric.” This metric prevents certain features from being fully implemented until the game is deemed legit. When it comes to achievements, this means that unconfirmed games can only have up to 100 achievements. These achievements also won’t count towards a user’s total achievements and can’t be displayed in Steam profile achievement showcases. In addition, unconfirmed games won’t show up in your library’s total game count. Neither will they visible in a Steam profile’s game collection showcases. A game’s store page will display a note if it falls under these restrictions.

For those that were unaware, achievement spam games have become somewhat of a genre onto themselves on Steam’s marketplace. People on Steam sometimes like to decorate their profile with achievements to show off the things they’ve done in their games. Games with huge amounts of easy-to-earn achievements make this very simple to do. These sorts of games tend to be extremely simple, made from preexisting assets, and have thousands of achievements that rain onto players for doing the simplest of actions like a storm of participation trophies. Some people think these games are a fun way to decorate their profiles. Others, however, hate them for cheapening the achievement system among other complaints.

In their official post, Valve said the following:

As you can guess, fake games were inflating achievement and game counts for users to display on their profiles. Our data shows us that an insignificant number of users were taking advantage of this, but the existence of these fake games still confuses our algorithms and users.

Thanks to Kotaku for first reporting on this story.

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