Yoshi’s Cardboard Adventure Delayed

Yoshi’s Cardboard Adventure Delayed

The release date for the next installment of Yoshi’s adventure, which feature cardboard and paper, has been shifted from 2018 to 2019. Gamers first noticed the change in the eShop.

Yoshi’s Cardboard and Paper Adventure

Yoshi’s continuing adventure is taking him to Nintendo Switch. His adventures first started in Yoshi’s Woolly World for the Wii U and 3DS and now he takes on paper and cardboard. The game does not have an official title yet but does have a working title of “Yoshi on the Spotlight” and development continues for the game.

The game play for the cardboard and paper world is different from the 3D world in the Woolly World. While Yoshi can interact with the background and the foreground by throwing eggs, interaction plays differently.  He can still change planes, but the worlds will not be entirely 3D like the previous game.

The game trailer was originally released during the E3 conference in 2017. An exact date for release hasn’t been announced, but be on the lookout for Yoshi’s continued adventure in 2019

Source – GameInformer

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