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American Horror Story Crossover Confirmed

American Horror Story creator Brian Murphy recently confirmed that the upcoming eighth season of the horror anthology series will feature a crossover between stories and characters from two of the show’s previous seasons.

Observant fans of American Horror Story would sometimes see parallels or characters from prior seasons blending together. the crossover will feature two popular seasons of the show: season 1 (Murder House) and Season 3 (Coven).

Guess what? Exciting news! some well-loved actors from prior seasons will be returning for American Horror Story Season 8 including Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, and Sarah Paulson will be taking back previous their roles during this season, and they will be joined by soap opera actress Joan Collins who was most famous for her role on Dynasty in the 1970’s.

American Horror Story season 8 will feature a crossover between two very different chapters in the AHS canon.

The very dedicated American Horror Story fan base is familiar with the show’s love for crossovers. Some of the popular characters from Coven (Season 3) appeared in Hotel (Season 5). Even, Lana Winters a mental patient and journalist from the Asylum (Season 2) interviewed one of the survivors of Roanoke (Season 6).

The American Horror Story crossover between, Coven (Season 3) and murder house (Season 1) will be the most impressive and most anticipated crossover yet.

Source: TVLine

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