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BioWare Talks About Upcoming Anthem Game

BioWare Talks About Upcoming Anthem Game
Arekkz was given an opportunity to speak with BioWare game director Jonathan Warner about endgame activities, progression, and the overall goal of the players character in Anthem

Anthem Game Play, End Missions and Play Through

Anthem will be BioWare’s first game in the action-RPG genre. The story has no official end, which means even after player defeats the final mission, there is still more to do. Unlike games like Destiny, Anthem is not an MMO.

“The overarching goal is really to power up your javelins to the degree where you feel that you’re pretty legendary,” Warner said. “You have that mid-level goal of ‘I’m going to go out and defeat the Dominion’, which is [the story] we’re going to tell. And then there’s the world conflict, cause once you defeat the Dominion, the work’s not done.”


In the past, BioWare has stated that it will offer additional story expansions. Endgame missions/activities will be integrated into the lore and into the world. “This is an unfinished world by its gods,” Warner continued. “The gods have left, and left it in kind of a strange state and so that’s always a conflict that you’re going to engage in.”

Warner added that activities and missions will be able to be played again and again. This gives players the continued chance to benefit from them.  Warner stated that: “We’re still fine-tuning it to find out what that cadence is, but … there’s always going to be a reason to come back on a weekly, daily basis.”

The endgame missions and activities will give the player the opportunity to continue developing their character and javelins without having to start the game over from the beginning. Players can have several different javelins throughout the game, once again without having to start the game over. In games like Destiny, players must select a class and if a player wants to switch classes, they have to start the game from the beginning.

The entire interview goes into more depth about progression and customization. Overall, Anthem will support and provide a variety of javelin builds. The builds can be tweaked and interchanged to fit the play style of the player. They can also be changed in game without having to start from the beginning.

Anthem releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 22, 2019.

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