Exorcist Legion VR Stealing PlayStation Souls Today


Wolf & Wood Interactive Ltd has just released Exorcist Legion VR for the PlayStation VR today! Get into the world of the Exorcist with this new chapter based game.

Although Exorcist Legion VR had been released on Steam, the game is officially coming to consoles. Exorcist Legion is made up of five chapters, where four of these chapters are currently available on Steam. This devilishly delightful game is now available on the PlayStation VR today.

Fans of the Exorcist movies will be able to immerse themselves in this horrifying situation, where you as the player have been cast into a role as a detective investigating a ritualistic murder priest. As you begin to solve the puzzle, you will be given the responsibility of finishing the work of the slain priest. However, in doing so you have to fight demonic forces and save the souls of the Damned.

As you battle demonic forces to save the entire human race, this is ultimately the way to win the game. If you’re interested in Exorcist Legion VR, you can find the trailer below.

Exorcist Legion VR is $6.99 for one chapter, or $29.99 for the entire series.

Brace yourselfs as this devilishly terrifiyng game will be posessing your consoles today.

Source – Bloody Disgusting

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