Horror Movie ‘Christine’ Is Getting a Remaster

Horror Movie ‘Christine’ Is Getting a Remaster

Sony is celebrating thirty-five years since the film debut of Christine. The anniversary of this classic horror movie is giving fans a kick-ass remastered version of Christine, complete with deleted scenes. Fans will be delighted to see that a commentary with director John Carpenter and Keith Gordon will also be included.

If you’re curious about this classic film, we’ve got a little bit of the storyline:

A teenage boy buys his dream car, which is a white 1958 Plymouth Fury. The boy is completely enamored with his new automobile at first, and names his new car Christine.
The plot of the movie takes a strange turn when the boy discovers that his new car is in love with him. The car quickly becomes obsessed with her new owner and becomes evil in the effort to keep this new owner all to herself. Anyone who gets in the way of the sentient car will face her wrath.

This horror classic is being remastered in 4K resolution, with the audio being remixed. With the higher quality, more colorful picture, and more vibrant sound.

Sony is set to release the 35th anniversary of Christine on September 11th, 2018

Source – Bloody Disgusting

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