Lucifer Season 4 On the Way, Tom Ellis Thanks Fans

Netflix Renews Lucifer

Lucifer worshippers…err fans can rejoice. Netflix announced they will renew our beloved devil, Lucifer for season 4. After a passionate and fevered campaign to get Lucifer another season (#SaveLucifer, #PickUpLucifer) through petitions on, which at last count had well over 200,000 signatures, massive Twitter campaigns, and even online polls, Netflix sat up and listened to our impassioned pleas.

In the video below, Tom Ellis, visibly touched, thanks his fans for literally saving Lucifer.

Per the showrunners, Netflix was actually impressed with the fans making so much noise which influenced the network to pick up the show on June 16th.

So, the skinny is that instead of the previous 22 episodes per season, Lucifer will only be 10 but will roughly be the standard 43 minutes on Netflix. Per the co-showrunners, Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich, this will not change the story arc originally planned. Instead, season 4 will be more like a part 1 of the original story arc. Modrovich stated that they had planned to have 2 parts anyway, saying “…we’ll just tell a really strong, gnarly first part.”  Despite the shortened season, the showrunners are not planning season 4 to be their last. As Modrovich confirmed, “There is always the potential for more.”

Filming is to begin sometime in August. Season 4 of Lucifer will debut approximately the same date as previous seasons. To keep feverish Lucifans as bay, Netflix will have season 1-3 sometime in the near future.

Source – TV Line

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