Pet Sematary Casts Amy Seimetz as Rachel

The role of Rachel Creed in the 2019 version of Pet Sematary has been officially chosen. Pet Sematary welcomes in Amy Seimetz to the cast.

The plot of Pet Sematary unfolds when a man and his family moved to a small New England town. There’s an urban legend in the town, that burying a loved one either human or animal on the local pet cemetery will bring them back to life. Following the death of the beloved family cat, the main character decides to take a risk in burying them the pet cemetary.

The cat is brought back to life, but the once loving animal is now vicious, and only eats raw meat and smells of death.

If your stomach is churning now it’s only about to get worse. The main character’s son gets hit by a car, and after the little boy’s death his father’s grave stricken almost to the point of insanity and he decides to places his son in the pet cemetary. The issue is, the little boy he buried is not the one that came back to him.

If this sounds familiar it’s because the original version of the scary classic delighted and horrified Stephen King’s fans in 1989. Due to the film success and the recent rise in popularity of remakes, Paramount Studios is set to make a new Pet Sematary film that will be hitting theaters almost 30 years after the original the in the Spring of 2019.

Some of the cast members of the upcoming remake of Pet Sematary have already been announced, including:

  • John Lithgow portraying Jud Crandall
  • Jason Clarke portraying Lewis Creed
  • Amy Seimetz portraying Rachel Creed

We’ll keep you informed of any new Pet Sematary news.

Source – IHorror

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