2019 Release Date Announced For E3’s The Sinking City

With the new trailer announced at E3 2018; The Sinking City takes its players on a Lovecraft inspired adventure that is sure to be a hit! With an open world and an open investigation game play whats not to love?

Set in Oakmont, Massachusetts, in the ‘Roaring Twenties’ The Sinking City has the perfect setting for a mystery-adventure filled with eerie ambiance and exciting villains.

The city of Oakmont is fairly secluded and don’t take kindly to strangers who aren’t as fond or protective of their beliefs and way of life. Despite the city’s inhabitants protective nature Oakmont is mostly buried beneath a flood that mysteriously came out of nowhere and claimed far to many lives.

But the environmental hazards is not the only thing the main character, a private detective looking into a missing persons case, has to worry about; strange monsters are driving the citizens of Oakmont mad while something more severe lurks in the shadows.

While Frogwares didn’t announce the release date for this suspenseful and exciting game; Bigben Interactive, The Sinking City‘s publisher will be releasing the Lovecraft inspired game for Xbox One, PC, and PS 4 on March 21, 2019.

Source – Bloody-Disgusting, Frogwares

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