ABC Overhauls Roseanne for Spinoff

ABC Overhauls Roseanne

It was a racist tweet that actress Rosanne Barr made that triggered the series upheaval and eventual cancellation. Fans hoped there would be some way that ABC would revive the series. They won’t be disappointed. ABC announced today that they would be creating a spinoff of the Rosanne series tentatively titled The Connors.

It’s been a tumultuous story unfolding at ABC since the canceling of the revived 90’s sitcom. Rumors and speculation were swarming the internet if ABC would rework the series or let it die a miserable death. Many theorized that the show would be re-badged Darlene and be about the remaining Conners. Especially as the actress, Sara Gilbert who plays Darlene was instrumental in rebooting the series.

ABC knows a cash cow when they see it. As Roseanne was drawing an average 10.2 million viewers, the network would be foolish to not rework the series. To avoid any creative claim to the new series, ABC executives created the spinoff. Rumors have it that key executives at ABC did not want Roseanne Barr to profit at all from the spinoff.

The Conners is slated to have 10 episodes that will premiere this fall, ironically at the same slot that Roseanne was meant to be placed. What we know of the basic storyline is that Roseanne has passed and the remaining Conners must deal with some “sudden turn of events.” So far, it appears that most of the remaining cast members will be returning to the show. As Barr was an executive producer and co-creator, ABC only agreed to run with the spinoff if she would relinquish any involvement with the series.

Only time and ratings will determine the spinoff’s success.

Sources:  Forbes, ABC News Radio, USA Today

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