Atari is Back With a New Console!

After Atari’s success with their new Atari VCS Collectors Edition the company is at it again giving fans a chance at another console: the Atari VCS Tribute Edition.

The Atari VCS Collector’s Edition became available for preorder last month. The limited number of consoles gave fans the chance to purchase one of the extremely limited consoles. The consoles sold out very quickly which was no real surprise.

For those of us who did not get the chance to buy one of these limited consoles there is still hope! Another Atari VCS console was announced for preorder earlier this week. The Atari VCS Tribute Edition is aesthetically similar to sold out Collector’s Edition but is not part of the 6,000 ‘First-Run’ units that the Collector’s Edition.

Though the functions of both VCS consoles are the same the draw for these special editions are more nostalgia in nature and sport some visual similarities to  the Atari 2600 including wood paneling and a ribbed exterior.

The Atari VCS Tribute Edition can be purchased in both standard and ‘all in’, which includes both the classic joystick and the new controller, on Indiegogo. The console is also available in the basic Onyx Edition which has a slightly lowered price due to the lack of wood paneling.

Source- Comicbook

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