Someone is Already Dead in Aquaman (SPOILER)

Someone is Already Dead in Aquaman (SPOILER)

Amber Heard, the actress playing Mera in the upcoming Aquaman movie, revealed some news to EW about the movie. The news involves a character being dead and having a smaller role in the movie than what fans may have believed.


Nicole Kidman is playing the role of Atlanna and fans are excited. They get to see the Queen in all her glory in the movie. Kidman’s role may be smaller than anticipated, much to the disappointment of fans. Heard revealed that Atlanna is already dead when the film’s story takes place. Flashbacks may be the only way fans see the story of Atlanna on the big screen.

“[Mera is] a warrior who was raised by the queen of Atlantis before she passed,” said Heard. “We meet Mera after the queen has long since left and she’s been raised to take over as queen her whole life.” While her passing may have been teased during Justice League, it wasn’t confirmed until now.

Entertainment Weekly featured Nicol Kidman, Jason Momoa and Amber heard on the cover for the film. The only photo of her from the film features her character holding a baby. It’s assumed that the baby is young Arthur before he is returned to his father.

In the New 52 of the comic book, Atlanna faked her death. She went on to create a haven for refugees who wanted to escape Atlantis. Eventually comes into a conflict with Aquaman but doesn’t believe he could be her son. After a battle between the two, she finally acknowledges he is her son, but doesn’t want him to reveal the fact that she’s not dead. It is possible that she, or someone else, faked her death and she could make a larger appearance for the film.

Aquaman, Council of the Kings is coming to theater December 21st, 2018.

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