Female Dragonborn Statue Available Now

Hail Dovahkiin! The ever-popular Skyrim has plenty of cool merchandise from action figures, puzzles, tins, and even statues. So why all the rejoicing? ThinkGeek has finally brought out a female version of the Dragonborn character statue only 7+ years since Skyrim’s release. The reason for all the fanfare is that all previous figurines were males in various character forms such as the Nightingale, the Dragon Priest, and yes, the Dragonborn.

The new female Dragonborn statue is part of ThinkGeek’s Modern Icons Collection. This collection has several other figures from Fallout and Horizon: Zero Dawn among others. The new Dragonborn statue will be approximately 9 inches tall and weigh around 10 ounces. Just the right size to decorate any gamer’s shelf full of gaming swag.

So why did ThinkGeek wait so long? According to sources, many staffers had played a female Dragonborn and noticed that there wasn’t much merchandise representing the ladies. As the previous Skyrim statues had done so well, I’m sure they figure this is a win-win for everyone.

You can get your Female Dovahkiin exclusively at ThinkGeek or GameStop. The statue retails for $50 and is available to snap up and put in your adventurer’s backpack.

Source – Gameinformer

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