A Magic: The Gathering Companion App is Coming

A Magic: The Gathering Companion App is Coming

Wizards of the Coast has plans to release a companion app for their popular trading card game, Magic: The Gathering. The app will be coming soon!

Magic: The Gathering Portal

Players typically bring not only their cards and decks to a round of Magic. From casual games to tournaments, players bring dice or life counters, tokens, pencils, paper, and a playmat. These item are important for keeping track of life counts, tokens and the power and toughness of creatures if those increase or decrease.

Magic: The Gathering Portal is the new application that will help put some of those needed items into one place. The app can keep track of life, tokens, power and toughness. It will also allow players to look up rules and interactions on the fly. The app will even give plays to chance to invite, manage and create home tournaments. Friends can even link together to view win-loss ratios, life totals in-game, and share information.

The app also provides new players tutorials and guides to help them learn the game. Articles, guides and videos will be available for new and veteran players to learn new strategies or find an answer to a question. Staying up to date on Magic news is also a feature, giving users the ability to create custom feeds so the news they want to know is right at their fingertips.

The exact date having been announced, but the app will be released in 2018. Magic: The Gathering Portal will be available for iOS and Android in every language that Magic cards are already printed in. Be on the lookout for the app to enhance the Magic experience!

Source – Magic: The Gathering News

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