Wolfenstein: The New Order Not Coming to Switch


With Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus hitting Nintendo switch this week, the question of Wolfenstein II remains unanswered. What about the first game?

According to Bloody Disgusting, the creative minds behind both Wolfenstein II and DOOM say that a Nintendo Switch port looks unlikely for the moment.

Speaking to GameSpot, Creighton puts the ball in Bethesda’s court when it comes to bringing Wolfenstein: The New Order, or it’s standalone prequel, The Old Blood, to Nintendo’s console.

“It’s [up to] them and Nintendo as to what would work for the platform. I think it’ll be interesting to see how [The New Colossus is] received right after it launches at the end of the month and what Bethesda does from there,”

Bethesda’s representative has said that the company is up for anything, but confirming that The New Colossus will not ship to the Switch with any of the existing DLC. Bethesda maintains that they want to keep customers happy and give customers what they want.

Not all bad news for enthusiastic gamers, however, as Steam is holding their annual “taking your money sale” for the Summer. You can pick up your copy of The Old Blood and The New Order in a two pack with a 50% discount until July 5th.

Source – BloodyDisgusting

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