Lasten Grid Plastic Organizer [Product Review]

Lasten Grid Plastic Organizer [Product Review]

Lasten has developed a unique plastic organizer for your small hobby objects such as diamond painting, beads, and much more. While plastic organizers are everywhere, can yours remove part of the grid?

This unique 36 grid organizer has removable dividers to give you a larger range of space for your tiny objects. Each ‘normal’ grid without removing a divider measures 1.8″ x 1.1″ x 1.5″, and has an ample amount of space for beads, earrings, diamond painting kits, and many other small bits that you certainly don’t want lost.

The organizer itself closes with two locking buttons on the outside, and is made of hard durable plastic that could have other objects stacked upon it without bending or breaking.

As someone who does a lot of sewing, diamond painting kits, and has many small tiny hobbies, this plastic organizer is perfect for keeping track of your bits and bobs without losing them.

For any hobby person out there, this is probably the best plastic organizer since you can customize the size of the grids you want.

Mine was bought directly through Amazon with Amazon Prime, and runs $9.99. You can personally get your own here.

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