Tolifo Video Light [Product Review]

Tolifo Video Light [Product Review]

Our new Amazon product review is for the Tolifo video light! This attachable battery or AC adapter operated device gives you the light you’re looking for perfect videos and pictures!

This great video fill light comes with brightness settings, 176 LED lights, tripod attachment, and two filters including frosted and dimming.

The Tolifo light requires either a a lithium battery attachment, or use with an AC adapter. While it doesn’t ship with either power sources, it accepts a basic AC adapter that is 6.5 through 17 volts.

When using this light it provides a switch on the back to adjust the brightness settings, including an LED display to tell you how bright you’re going.

I really think this light is amazing. Not only does it provide ample light for pictures or videos, but it’s very simple to use and the battery option is fantastic!

You can get your own Tolifo video light here directly through Amazon!

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