Fortnite Gamer’s Beware

Fortnite Gamer’s Beware

Epic issues a warning for Fortnite gamer’s to beware of scam sites.


Gamer’s Beware

Fortnite Gamer’s Beware

Epic Games, developers of the popular game Fortnite, issued a warning to players regarding scam websites. Fortnite, a shooter game, became a hugely popular within a very short time. The games 45 million + players spent $296 million on V-Bucks in only one month (April 2018). The popularity and money-making capability of the game has caught the attention of scammers.

Scammer’s Lure Gamer’s with Free V-Bucks

Scam sites are luring unsuspecting Fortnite players with V-Bucks (Fortnite’s virtual currency), at no cost or with huge discounts. Epic Games believes scammers are targeting younger, more gullible, players. Once the player is lured in with the potential of free V-Bucks, scammers steal their login credentials and money.

Players should note that scammers attempt to copy the look and feel of the official Epic website. Confirming that the website is legitimate before providing login credentials or financial information is crucial. Epic will never ask for login information or financial information unless a player is logging in to their accounts to play a game.

Epic Games Proactive Response

Epic’s response has been proactive. In an email to players Epic Games advised players to be cautious of sites offering free or discounted V-Bucks. The email reads:

“Beware of scam sites offering things like free or discounted V-Bucks. The only official websites for Fortnite are and”

Gamer’s can add an additional layer of security by enabling Two-Factor Sign In. They will receive a unique access code via email that they will have to enter in order to login successfully.

Players can play Fortnite on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac OS, and IOS. There is an Android version being developed.

Source – DailyMail

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