The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game Coming to Steam

Much like it’s traditional physical card game, The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game should be a big hit for LotR fans. The original card game, The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game has been out since April 2017 and has been a popular mainstay for strategic card playing. There are numerous sites and groups discussing gameplay, deck building, among other topics, so it’s easy to see why Flight Fantasy Games decided to release a digital version.

Rumor has it that it is very similar to the collectible card game.  Players will build their own fellowships, construct personal decks, and will be able to lead a team of up to 3 heroes through various quests. The core starter deck will have 42 player cars and 4 heroes, 1 for each sphere. There are already plans for expansion packs, so there will undoubtedly be loads of new cards and quests to keep players engaged for some time.

LotR Living Card Game Core Deck

Core Deck

Steam announced they will be giving early access on August 28, 2018, with the opportunity to buy one of the 3 Founder’s Packs. The options include the Shire Founder’s Pack for $7.99, the Steward of Gondor Founder’s Pack for $15.99, and the Istari Founders Pack for $29.99. Each Founder’s Pack will include 4 Heroes, 42 Player cars, and 3,000 Valor Points plus unique card backs and additional content.

Istari Founder's Pack

Istari Founder’s Pack

Much like other digital card games like Hearthstone and The Elder Scrolls Legends, The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game will be free to play. Additional card packs will be purchasable. Sign up now for early access which is currently listed on Steam’s site. Time to get ready for some deck building!

Sample LotR Cards

Sample LotR Cards

Source: Steam Community

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