Overwatch is Getting an Interesting New Hero

Overwatch is Getting an Interesting New Hero

Blizzard released a short teaser about the next hero joining the Overwatch team. The trailer has fans speculating a few different theories!

Overwatch – A New Hero

The 6 second teaser trailer shows a spherical ball. It doesn’t display any powers, it doesn’t display any abilities, no voice (yet!). It’s simply a big metal ball rolling through and smashing things and crushing people who get in the way.

Fans have speculated that the next hero was going to be a space monkey named Hammond, much like the beloved Winston. After the release of the teaser, they may be a mixture of right and wrong! The posters in the background of the teaser have a monkey on display, that very well could be the Hammond under speculation. Winston wasn’t the only genetically modified primate from the moon.

An in-game news report showed the email above is from a researcher on the moon. Hammond escaped! And the newest Horizon map lets the player visits Hammond’s old room. A spherical shaped pod is inside! Coincidence? Maybe, but doubtful. It’s possible that fans are right, Hammond is the next hero…but instead is using the escape pod as a combo of armor and a weapon!

On the Overwatch Wiki, there is a specific poster there from Junkertown. The poster is an advertisement for a fighting ring, a mech one to be exact. Maybe Hammond turned the escape pod and used it as a lean, mean fighting machine in the mech fighting ring. Then again, maybe fans are reading too much into it and it’s really just a giant sphere out to crush stuff.

The new hero may be rolling out in July 2018 so keep an eye out!

Source – Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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