Amazon Prime Day 2018 Leaked

Amazon Prime Day was an event started in 2015, and now it’s becoming an annual expectations. The celebration was designed to celebrate the anniversary of the launch of Amazon.

 This day is similar to Black Friday, where there are many deals on various different products. Some of these products include video games and other treats for techies.

The official date for this year celebration has been leaked although Amazon has historically been hush-hush in regards to the date of Prime Day. It appears that a stray banner has foiled Amazon’s secret.

The aforementioned imagery went live sometime yesterday, proudly stating via Eurogamer:

“Starts at noon, 16 July. An epic day (and a half) of our best deals.”

Extra time for Prime Day is a possibility since last year’s Prime lasted a total of 30 hours, giving customers an extra 6 hours to grab products.

July 16th is also a later date than is the tradition. Amazon Prime Day normally begins on the 12th of July however, the World Cup is expected to have something to do with the decision to change the date. The World Cup takes place on the 15th, and we assume that Amazon wanted one of the focus to be solely on Prime Day.

What products do we expect to see big discounts on? Amazon’s own products such as the Echo, Echo Dot, as well as the range of “Fire” devices. There is a distinct possibility of several consoles games as well as PC and gaming paraphernalia being sold, with a slashed price tag, alongside many other items that will be among the discounted products on Amazon Prime Day.

Source – Eurogamer

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