Besti LED Headlamp [Product Review]

Besti LED Headlamp [Product Review]

Besti has developed a multi-use LED headlamp that provides substantial light alongside warning abilities!

This headlamp is 200 lumens LED and has 5 different modes for usage. The 5 modes available include normal bright light constant, bright light blinking, 2 red lights constant, and 2 red light blinking. The power source for this headlamp is 3 AAA batteries, and it has a light distance of 150 meters.

We’ve all been there when you need a hands-free search for an item in a dark room, or trying to replace parts in a computer, etc. where a headlamp would be most useful. I can say for certain that with my hobbies in painting and adult coloring books, that this headlamp gives you a ton of light for these!

The way this headlamp works is by attaching it to the headband stretchy unit (that is adjustable) and from there, there are two buttons on the top for the red warning light and the normal white light. Pressing the buttons down each time will take them from constant stream to flashing; and then pressing it again will turn the entire unit off.

You can get your own Besti headlamp directly through here, where you are taken to Amazon! We also have a discount code for 25%! Just use code HEADCOD1

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