Pedicura Toe Separators [Product Review]

Pedicura Toe Separators [Product Review]

Pedicura has created a new type of toe separator that is much different from the typical pedicure kind we’ve seen before!

This new gel-feeling toe separator doesn’t just have you insert between the toe, but you insert your toe between the separator. While this may sound weird, it’s designed to go around your foot and stretch, and therefore, they are less-likely to fall out when moving around!

These toe separators are really good for people who suffer from inflamed joints, joint pain, and other ailments where the toes have become overlapped or no longer straight.

According to the instructions, you are to use the toe separator for 10-15 minutes per day to adjust your toes to the correct straightness before keeping them on for longer.

Pedicura Toe Separator Being Used

I can easily tell after trying this product that it’s much better than the foam ones that can be purchased in a pedicure kit. I always had difficulty keeping those between my toes when putting on nail polish and doing my own at-home pedicure. When using this one a relaxing feeling happens throughout the foot, and you’re able to apply nail polish without getting it on other toes!

You can personally get your own Pedicura Toe Separator here through Amazon! They also ship directly with Amazon Prime!

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