Overwatch’s New Hero is…A Hamster?

Overwatch’s New Hero is…A Hamster?

A few days ago, Blizzard released a teaser trailer for a new hero for the game Overwatch. The video featured only a round ball rolling through the streets. Well, now the hero has officially arrived in all of his cute, chubby cheeked glory.

Overwatch’s Hero 28: Hammond the Hamster

Fans have been theorizing that Hammond would be a monkey rolling around in an escape pod turned mech, but a hamster really threw fans for a loop. We all imagined Hammond as a monkey or chimpanzee, something in the primate family like dear Winston. Well, this new adorable hamster in his round mech machine is probably Hammond, AKA Specimen 8. He hails from the same Lunar Colony experiments as Winston.

There hasn’t been any information about how the adorable little hamster will be played in game or whether the little guy will sport the same intelligence and vocabulary as Winston, but one thing for sure is that he’s sporting a large mech ball that will surely crush any and everything in its path.

Source – GameInformer

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