Titanium Herb Grinder [Product Review]

Titanium Herb Grinder [Product Review]

Groupon has a new titanium herb grinder available, for all you people who enjoy growing your own seasonings and herbs!

This herb grinder has 3 different compartments, including a grinding section with 55 diamond shaped cutting teeth, which then drops the herb into the second chamber that has a mesh sifting for pollen. The final chamber has a pollen scraper for removing residue on the grinder and any left-over pollen.

The really cool thing about this grinder is that it’s perfect sized for the palm of your hand, and the top lid is fully magnetic, so it’s not difficult at all to grind your herbs. The rest of the product is twisting with gripping ridges to get into the sifter and pollen scraper.

If you’re looking into getting your own herb grinder, this one is probably the most efficient and good price-wise as well. It’s currently available in seven different colors: black, blue, gunmetal, green, red, silver, and rainbow. I can say from experience with this product, that it works well for your home-grown herbs including rosemary and thyme among many others!

You can get your titanium herb grinder directly here through Groupon! Tell us what you think!

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