Watch: Origin Story for Hammond the “Wrecking Ball” Hamster on Overwatch

Overwatch is getting more and more exciting with every new hero added, and it’s no different with hero 28. This new guy is an old friend of Winston’s from Horizon Lunar Colony, but brings a whole new story to light.

Hammond, known as ‘Wrecking Ball’ in Overwatch, was specimen #8 under the care of Herald Winston at the Horizon Lunar Colony, but was completely different than the intelligent apes they also had.

This new hero was grown from the genetic modification, he’s much more adventurous than the other animals. He was known for getting out of his cage at Horizon Lunar Colony, and having impressive problem solving skills.

Overwatch is surely making a game changer with their new hero Wrecking Ball, as is described in the developer’s update, he’ll be a much different versatile tank than we’ve seen before. It’s noted that Hammond doesn’t actually speak, but his mech does all the conversation (and Winston doesn’t actually know it’s Hammond), and that although he can be on all fours, the mech can also grapple and swing like a wrecking ball to damage enemies.

For more information on Hammond/Wrecking Ball’s abilities, check out the developer update.

It’ll be interesting to play as Hammond/Wrecking Ball, and we’ll keep you up dated on any new Overwatch news.

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