Todd McFarlane Speculates Venom Spawn Crossover

Venom Spawn Crossover

Could anyone in their wildest dreams consider a Spawn and Venom crossover a reality? Todd McFarlane speculates what most think would be a slim possibility. His theory? Sony distributes Spawn. So, what’s the big deal with this idea? Sony Pictures is producing a new Venom movie which is due out October 5, 2018. If they distribute the Blumhouse Productions movie reboot for Spawn, then the chances of a crossover, although slight, could happen.

A bit of history for the uninitiated. McFarlane co-created Venom with David Michelinie, with the first appearance of Venom back in back in May 1963 in the comic The Amazing Spider-Man (#252). His first full appearance was in the same comic in May 1988, issue #300 and of course, Marvel Comics was the publisher for all issues.

Venom Spawn Crossover

First Appearances in Comics

Spawn, on the other hand, is another creation by McFarlane which issue #1 came out in May 1992 by publisher Image Comics. An entirely different publisher and comic universe. So, you can see the predicament that these to comic book characters have in sharing their world. However, McFarland being the creator of both should have some pull with Sony. Or at least he’s banking on it. He stated, “…I will be presenting that possibility to the Sony executives when we get ready.” All we can hope for is Sony respecting McFarlane enough to consider his ideas and perhaps box office success for both solo films. We’ll just have to sit with bated breath for more possible news.

Source:  IGN

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