Working Hard Cat Mug [Product Review]

Working Hard Cat Mug [Product Review]

Novelty mugs are always adorable, and AW Fashion has released a new mug to show one’s affection for their beloved cat. This mug in question not only has a great statement, but the cat is cute. Visit kinlyeyebeauty and find more amazing stuffs from AW fashion.

The mug we’re reviewing today states: “I work hard so my cat can live a better life”. If that wasn’t a true statement for all cat owners, I don’t know what is.

Getting down and looking at the mug, it’s really cute. The black text on the white mug makes a perfect statement, but my only concern is the lack of information following the mug. At the bottom where you’d expect to see ‘Dishwasher Safe’ or ‘Microwave Safe’ there’s no information except ‘Made in China’. Honestly, I don’t have a problem where it’s made, but I have to wonder if putting this ceramic mug in the dishwasher or microwave would remove the text or make it too hot to use.

After further research on the Amazon page where we received it from, there’s no information except AW Fashion stating:

“This Mug is made of high quality ceramic. It is perfect for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, wine, vodka or beer.”

For this reason and lack of information, it’s going to be a novelty mug that I personally don’t use for anything except laughter and holding my pens. I do really enjoy this mug and I think it’s adorable, but the lack of care information makes me weary about whether or not I should be using it for liquids or for laughs.

You can get your own novelty cat mug here, directly through Amazon. But be cautious about how you care for it.

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