Everything Leaked for the Upcoming Fortnite Patch Update

Everything Leaked for the Upcoming Fortnite Patch Update

Skins, Emotes and Gliders have been leaked for Fortnite’s latest patch update. Nine new outfits, four new tools, three gliders, five items of back bling and five emotes have been unveiled.

What’s Coming to Fortnite

The new skins coming to Fortnite include detective and 4th of July themes. The back bling compliments the skins with fireworks and rockets. A harvesting tool includes a magnifying glass.

The nine leaked skins are:

  • Criterion (Legendary)
  • Oblivion (Legendary)
  • Vertex (Legendary)
  • Sleuth (Epic)
  • Gumshoe (Epic)
  • Noir (Epic)
  • Fireworks Team Leader (Epic)
  • StarSpangled Trooper (Uncommon)
  • StarSpangled Ranger (Uncommon)

The four leaked harvesting tools:

  • Razor Edge (Rare)
  • Victory Lap (Rare)
  • Magnifying Axe (Rare)
  • Crimson Axe (Uncommon)

The three leaked gliders:

  • Destabilizer (Legendary)
  • Stabilizer (Legendary)
  • Forerunner (Rare)

The five leaked back bling:

  • Deflector (Legendary)
  • Blasting Cap (Epic)
  • Confidential Case (Epic)
  • Cluefinder (Epic)
  • Evidence Bag (Epic)

The five leaked emotes:

  • Bring It (Epic)
  • Infinite Dab (Rare)
  • Eagle (Rare)
  • True Heart (Uncommon)
  • Sparkler (Uncommon)

Source – IGN

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