Sable: A New Ghibli-Inspired Indie Game!

With so many big games announced at E3 2018 it’s no wonder some of the promising indie games were overlooked; Including one specific cultural inspired work by Shedworks and RawFury.

Obviously inspired by both French and Belgium comics, Sable‘s style is quite breath-taking but the game’s influences don’t stop there. While the art is mostly based on these two cultures, its animation has a lot of Japanese aspects, most notably Studio Ghibli. The combination is unexpected, unique, and stunning!

With more and more foreign animated movies (such as Ernest and Celestine, The House of Small Cubes and The Little Prince) coming to streaming services like Netflix, its no wonder the animation is growing in popularity. The fact that it is spreading into other genres is no surprise either.

By Sable‘s visual aesthetic is not the only thing for players to get exited about. The game is crafted to allow the player to take the role of a young woman name Sable, who is on an adventure to explore the desert world around her, filled with adventure, freedom and the unknown. Along her journey she’ll learn more about the people of the world, their culture and even the history around here.

While Sable may not be for the more combat oriented gamer, it still has a lot to offer. The narrative nature of the game focuses more on lore and exploration than actual conflict which has its own appeal; much like many of Studio Ghibli’s work (Such as My Neighbor TotoroThe Wind Rises, Kiki’s Delivery Service, etc.).

Regardless of your play style Sable is most certainly a worth a look!

Source – OnlySP

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