Magic The Gathering Moving to Libraries

Magic The Gathering Moving to Libraries

Twenty-Five years after Wizards of the Coast released their first set of Magic: The Gathering, It is one of the most well-known card games in the world. So, how can Wizards of the Coast push to a new audience? Their answer is Librarians…

At the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans this year Wizards of the Coast decided to push the new concepts of ‘Magic: The Gathering Clubs’. The concept was announced last year, offering to provide libraries and schools with ‘Welcome to Magic kits’ to teach students how to play.

‘Welcome to Magic’ kits consist of twenty welcome packs (a box with two 30 card decks to allow for two players), score pads, play mats, posters for advertising, and a flip book containing everything anyone would need to know to start playing. By including the flip book in a starting pack it allows hosts with little to no knowledge of the mechanics of Magic: The Gathering are still capable of teaching any new comer interested.

Since launching last year, Wizards of the Coast has recruited over 800 libraries in their ‘Magic:The Gathering Club’ movement. Now, at the ALA Annual Conference Wizards handed out sample welcome decks for anyone who registered, offering more at their booth in the Gaming Center.

Having been created by a mathematician, Magic: The Gathering promotes mathematics, reading comprehensions, strategy and social interactions along with giving students after school and weekend activities in safe environments.

Wizards of the Coast is still promoting these kits for libraries and schools despite the end of the conference. Registrations can be found on the official Magic: The Gathering website.

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