Minecraftian’s Are Saving The Ocean!

In celebration of Minecraft’s Update Aquatic release to several versions of the game, they have paired themselves with The Nature Conservancy to help restore the diminishing coral reefs in our oceans!

The Nature Conservancy has discovered a way to accelerate the growth of coral reefs around the world by building under water structures using metal and electrical currents; and who better to design these structures than the players of Minecraft?

With the help of Rabahrex, Logotzip and Stacyplays, the Coral Crafters crew presented three new unique designs that have been prepped and placed to help the coral reefs in Cozumel. But the project doesn’t end there….

Despite the additions of coral reefs, kelp forests, deep-sea trenches, and a vast amount of fish to the world of Minecraft, our world has been having a bit of a shortage. With climate change, pollutions, and destructive over fishing, coral reefs are slowly disappearing along with the millions of species of marine life that live in them. Within the coming few decades its is possible that the world will lost almost three-fourths of its coral reefs if something isn’t done to stop this trend.

The good news is that you can help! Help support the cause by purchasing the Aquatic Skin pack which will aid in the funding of both The Nature Conservancy and the Minecraft coral-placing project.

Source – Minecraft

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