Pokémon Go Style Harry Potter Game May be Delayed

Pokémon Go Style Harry Potter Game May be Delayed

Niantic, the creators of Pokémon Go, announced in November of last year that a new game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite would be released sometime in 2018. Unfortunately, that may no longer be the case.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Niantic made the comment last year that additional information would be unveiled about the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game. The creator, John Hanke eventually stated that the game would be released in the latter half of 2018. Next steps for Pokémon Go have been planned, but nothing further about Wizards Unite has been announced as summer progresses.
Tom Phillips, a writer for Eurogamer had an interview with John Hanke. Phillips questioned Hanke about whether Harry Potter would see play this year. Hanke simple replied with “We’ll see.” Hanke stated that he wants to let the game come to fruition and completeness before it’s released. He would rather ensure the game will run efficiently and effectively rather than just rushing the game out on a specific date.

Warner Bros., the publishers of the game simply commented that more details would be released this year. Phillips then questioned whether Pokémon Go would fade against Wizard Unite or whether Wizards Unite wouldn’t hold up to Pokémon Go.  “We haven’t really thought about that,” Hanke concluded. “We want to put different options out there and let players decide how to spend their time. Harry Potter has an immense global fanbase – the numbers we’ve seen are pretty amazing. There’s a lot of female fans – more female than male fans, which I think is a global exception among the top 20 best known IPs in the world.

All in all, an official release or even additional information about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is unknown. It appears that the game may be delayed. This year or next year, Harry Potter fans get ready to play!

Source – EuroGamer

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