A Black Panther Versus Deadpool Series is Coming

A Black Panther Versus Deadpool Series is Coming

Marvel has announced that a new rivalry is coming. Black Panther Vs. Deadpool is a new comic book series coming soon. The King of Wakanda is going against the Merc with a Mouth.

Black Panther Vs. Deadpool



A Black Panther vs. Deadpool miniseries will be released soon and will consist of five issues. The series is going to be written by Daniel Kibblesmith. Art for the comics will be drawn by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz and will feature cover art by Ryan Benjamin.

Editor Wil Moss said that the miniseries will be:

Featuring a brawl you can only get in comics (for now anyway), Black Panther Vs. Deadpool is the best of both worlds, equal parts Black Panther/Wakanda and Deadpool/Crazytown. In bouncing these two characters off each other (and sometimes through each other), Daniel and Ricardo have found some really fascinating insights into what makes them tick as individuals.

The conflict between these two characters is because of Deadpool’s hunt for Vibranium, a super secret material that comes from Wakanda and which is highly guarded by the people of Wakanda, specifically by the Black Panther. It’s a fight that Deadpool is more than willing to participate in.

Official Description

“For a reason he’d rather not disclose (because, well, it makes him look bad!) Deadpool needs a piece of Vibranium…and the only way to get Vibranium is to go through the Black Panther himself! But Deadpool soon learns that his unconventional methods don’t exactly work against the king of the most technologically advanced country on the planet…”


Deadpool and Black Panther are rarely seen going against the other in the Marvel Universe but this should be an interesting and fascinating mash-up. While Deadpool is deathless, Wakanda possesses the most advanced technology and know how to use it, which could mean Deadpool has met his match with Black Panther.

Source – Comicbook.com

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