Faith Gives Plus-Size Fans Superhero Hope

Faith Gives Plus-Size Fans Superhero Hope

With the latest attempts at diversity within the superhero universe being a big success with movies like Black Panther (which broke all sorts of box office records) Sony Pictures has decided to be even more inclusive by adapting the plus-size heroine, Faith Herbert into a live-action movie. While the movie schedule is just in the planning stages, Sony has hired Maria Melnik of American Gods fame to write the script.

Faith Herbert is a typical geek who also has telekinetic superpowers. Introduced in 1992 as a backup for members of the Justice League which Batman himself appointed her to. Along with other familiar characters such as Firestorm, Green Arrow, and the Atom, they temporarily replaced the original members when the original team was transported into the past.

Zephyr is actually her codename for her superhero persona. Faith being her alter ego although she has given herself the professional name Summer Smith for her day job as a journalist. Faith likens herself to a superhero version of Lois Lane as she dons a red wig and glasses.

Faith Superhero Movie

Zephyr and alter ego Faith

Along with her telekinetic powers, Faith is also able to fly, levitate other objects, transport others, and create a protective force field. While she has all the powers like many superheroes, Faith has always been portrayed as a bubbly, positive, sci-fi geek that’s obsessed with Doctor Who, much different from the serious and brooding typical hero. The fact that she’s plus-sized is only a minor detail of her character and not the emphasis of the reboot of the comic in 2016.

As it is too early in development, we’ll just have to speculate who should play the effervescent heroine. My vote is for Rebel Wilson. How about you?

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