Crescent Esports: A look into the Gamer Group

The Esports Industrty with the spice of Louisiana

Crescent Esports: A look into the Gamer Group

Its a good day when you can interview the CEO of an Esports group. I was able to speak with Lumen Vera, CEO of Crescent Esports LLC, discussing the growing success of his group and the passion behind the groups’ gamers.

What does your company promote?

Crescent Esports is a national e-sports organizations based out of Louisiana, our mission is to enrich the e-sports industry with the spice of Louisiana. We are to e-sports like Popeye’s is to fried chicken. We play the fine line of competition in a community game club by hosting a monthly game community night to create an event where the community can interact and be a part of the organization.

Why should our readers care?

Because we’re building an e-sports scene where it’s not as developed as other. Trying to expand it more in Louisiana and make it better and different than what is already established. We want to make it a community. We want the state to work with us, we want schools to work with us, we want to work in as many aspects as we can. Gaming provides an outlet and critical thinking, we want to provide a community that all feel comfortable being involved.

Why did you decide to create a company and what do you see for the future of the it?

A dream and goal for one creator, for me I wanted to create a home for those who want to play these games as my home was the place where kids came over to play games. I would like us to have school programs to help teach team building and leadership skills. I’d like to host a tournament and the winner would go onto the next round with working with higher ranking players and even be sent to major events.

What steps are you taking to compete against other companies in the same industry?

What we’re doing is talking with the groups that already established, more gaming teams that represent a group and play for a group. Building a relationship with these groups to have a bigger foundation of gamers. Building a solid team, for e-sports we need to build rapport with these groups to make a bigger association and to gain more gamers.

How tough is it to get sponsors as a new company?

It’s a matter of asking the right questions and to try and make sure the ones we work with there’s an open dialogue and possible interest in the group. Ask what they look for and what they expect. Who and what they sponsor. It gives us a chance to introduce ourselves. Keep asking questions.

How are you different from other e-sports organizations?

We do community outreach, we provide a game club that has the added competition. We send our teams out for competition. We want to represent our community and to build a fan base.

What is your favorite game and genre?

Fantasy, something competitive and narrative with a great story line. My favorite single player game is Kingdom Hearts. I also really liked Darksiders.

Have you competed and what game did you excel at?

I’ve competed in Counter Strike and Overwatch, both I feel like I excelled at. For Overwatch I found my calling for Coaching.

What games are being played during these events?

  • Dragonball Fighter Z
  • Street Fighter 5
  • Tekken 7
  • Super Smash Bros 4
  • Hearthstone

What got you into this line of work?

Gaming in general I grew up playing with video games, first game was Super Mario World. It was a way I connected with my sister and friends, its always been a part of me. As I grew older I saw that I have a care taker personality and thought about how I could make this into a career. I did some community management and it took off from there. Team building and empowering along with overseeing growth was a big part of making this work.

What are the perks of being a coach?

Being trusted and seeing the growth and learning from your students. It’s very interesting seeing your students grow and see them develop better skills. It’s the best feeling when you have a student turn to you and thank you for helping them.

How many events have you won or were a runner up?

We have won one and been the runner up of one. We have made the top 8 in 3 of them and have taken 1st in 2 of them and 2nd in 2 and top 8 in 3.

What other games would you like to add to the events in the future? Or will it stay strictly fighting games?

We would like to get into FPS and MOBA in the future. We are definitely open to all scenes.

It was a pleasure getting to converse with Lumen Vera and I’ll definitely be following the events that this group will be attending. If you want to show your support for Crescent Esports you can do so by following the links below:


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