Zero Escape Creator Announces AI: The Somnium Files

At his appearance at Anime Expo 2018 in Los Angles, Kotaro Uchikoshi announced the game AI: The Somnium Files. This new project will be his first new work from the creator of the Zero Escape visual novel trilogy.

Confirmed for worldwide release.

AI: The Somnium Files (pronounced like eye) was first announced back at GDC 2017 as ‘Project: PSYNC.’ The game will be an adventure visual novel that takes place in a futuristic Tokyo and star detective Kaname Date. With the help of an artificial eye, he will scour the city for clues to catch a serial killer. Kaname’s artificial eye allows him to enter the memories of witnesses, which are presented as dreamscapes.

According to Kotaro, who created the Zero Escape trilogy, said the ‘AI’ in the title has three meanings. First, it refers to the most commonly known AI, artificial intelligence. Secondly, it’s a reference to (and is pronounced like) eye. Finally, the title is a nod to the Japanese word ‘ai,’ which means love and is pronounced like eye. In addition, the word ‘Somnium’ is Latin for dream, which refers to the dreamscapes Kaname can visit.

Also helping with the project is Yuske Kazaki, who will work on character design. He has worked on games such as No More Heroes, Pokémon Go, and Fire Emblem. Kotaro also introduced a character named Iris (get it?) during the Expo. She is a high school student who has her own series of Let’s Plays on the game’s version of YouTube.

AI: The Somnium Files will release on the Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PlayStation 4. There is no word on an exact release date.

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