DC Wisely Focusing on Standalone Movies

DC Movie Standalone

After less than stellar box office sales and panned reviews by audiences and critics alike for Justice League, DC has wisely decided to focus on standalone superhero stories for the foreseeable future. This tidbit of rumor mill comes from Daniel R on Twitter, who is well known to be a reliable source of DC movie news.

In his tweet, he mentions that DC’s future is with standalone (single hero-centric) movies that focus on telling the story of one particular superhero. This comes as no surprise considering the box office success (821.9 million) of Wonder Woman vs. the multi-crossover of Justice League (657.9 million) which ended up being the lowest grossing film in the DC universe.

What hurt Justice League was rushing to do multi-hero stories rather than build each individual hero’s backstory with their own separate movies. This is where Marvel Studios got things right. As they released a new film for some of their main characters, this gave the audiences an emotional and personal investment in each hero’s history and backstory.  When they had sufficiently given their audiences some background on each hero, then they produced a balanced out crossover movie.

DC Movie Standalone

DC, in their efforts to play catch-up with Marvel Studios and cash in some of that trendy superhero movie cravings, rushed Justice League out. Many of the relationships between heroes felt forced along with the feeling of skimpy backstories for each hero. DCEU simply didn’t give their audiences time to feel connected to their characters. Thus, is why Wonder Woman did so well. DC took their time to reveal her origins and background allowing the audience to become involved and attached to the character.

From these painful lessons comes the hope of better individual superhero stories. As Daniel R mentioned in the same tweet, he casually namedrops 4 directors of upcoming DC movies (Aquaman, Shazam!, Wonder Woman 1984, and The Batman) that are currently in various stages of production. He mentions that perhaps later in the future, DC will venture back into crossovers. Hopefully, this time they’ll take their time and a lesson from Marvel.

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