Child’s Play TV Series Reboot Announcement

Horror fans are in shock and very displeased when news broke that MGM is fast-tracking the franchise reboot Child’s Play. The horror classic from the 1980s centered around a possessed doll.

The toy is possessed by the fictional serial killer “Charles Lee Ray”.

The revival of any genre franchise is cause for celebration in the horror community. The reboot of Child’s Play, however, is rubbing fans the wrong way.

Franchise about possessed toys is alive and thriving, when Chucky began terrifying as well as delighting audiences in 1988. Chucky’s murderous soul lives on. Universal franchise creator Don Mancini, and franchise producer David Kirschner Have been hard at work collaborating. The stage is officially set for a television series.

The television series is currently in production, and MGM is possibly remaking the Child’s Play series of films. Creators pushing forth with the Child’s Play series including Brad Dourif, is returning to provide the voice of the possessed toy. Dourif provided the voice of the title character in seven films, and is committed to playing the role of Chucky in the TV series reboot.

MGM’s new Chucky reboot will continue to use the name Chucky. The new Incarnation will feature AI technology that goes horribly awry.

We’ll keep you posted as new details arise for the Child’s Play series!

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